Good News: Call for a National Day of Prayer on Sunday 3pm, to 4pm + On Line Mass from Nativity Church

Dear Friends,
Good News.  The four main Church leaders and the Irish Council of Churches which includes the smaller churches and one large Pentecostal Church have called for a United Prayer Time on next Sunday 5th April from 3pm to 4pm.  This is supported by Irish Church Together and the Evangelical Alliance of North and South.
They state:
  • “As we look to Him – remembering that we should only gather to pray within our own households, in line with government advice.we invite all Christians from across the whole Church to join in prayer on Palm Sunday, 5 April, from 3pm to 4pm  “As Christians, we believe that prayer sustains our life as followers of Christ. In the midst of this global pandemic, we turn to Jesus in our time of need.
  • “Though we cannot meet as the gathered Church, we will end the hour united in prayer, asking for the Lord’s healing touch on our land and all its people. See full Press Release.   

I enclose suggested Prayer service for Sunday and also activities for the children.

On line Catholic Mass: If you are looking for participating in Mass on line I highly recommend the Church of the Nativity in Baltimore, USA.  See . I was blessed by the homily – Dont waste a Crisis.  The main emotion, Fr. Mike says – that we are all experiencing at present is Loss – loss of liberty, loss of direct contact with grand children etc.
This is a Catholic Parish that has moved from Maintenance to Mission and two of its key leaders  – Fr. Mike White PP and Tom Corcoran – wrote the inspirational book Rebuilt.  See Extracts from this must read book.   The Parish went from 3 staff, a dying Parish, in large debt with no young adults attending to today having a staff of 36 ( ), with the Parish teaming with young adults, no debt, Sunday school and a worship band at every Mass and a vibrant growing church with small groups. 
After a time of fasting last Fri i received this prophetic word for this time is “If people look to Me, I will be their Protector and Healer” Next Sunday gives all of us an opportunity to look to Jesus, so we can experience His protection and healing for our families and Nation. Tuning in to the Church of the Nativity Mass online also will allow you to do this.