Making Sundays Special Again

“The Sunday Routines we shape for ourselves can
continue to nourish us, even as so many grieve the loss
of receiving the Body of Christ.”

As so many parishioners are joining in live broadcasts of Sunday
and weekday Mass it might be helpful to
consciously thing about how we go about participating in them.
These suggestions for praying the Mass via
technology may be helpful:

Dress as you would for Mass

Have your technology ready and be on time

Turn off any technology that might distract you during Mass

If possible, join in the Mass as a family and have a
member light a candle before Mass begins, perhaps
beside a cross or another sacred image.

Share in the responses, prayers and gestures of the Mass
Stand for the Gospel and Our Father; kneel as
appropriate if you can; share some sign of peace if you are
with others.

Join in the singing

At the time of Holy Communion, make an act of
spiritual communion

And finally, when Mass is ended go in peace from this prayer to
live what you have prayed.
In these darkest of days, our keeping of Sunday can give us
exactly the light, sustenance and grace we need to carry us
through the rest of our week. Sunday is God’s gift to us. It’s up
to us to do the unwrapping

By Julie Kavanagh, Diocese of Kildare & Leighlin, The Irish Catholic.