Hi All

We are setting up a CONNECT GROUP for the parish to keep in touch with each other …so far we have 76 members…We hope ou are happy to join…The purpose of this group is to maintain parish connection…support each other and to provide information as the situation unfolds

Let’s keep each other in prayer…don’t forget the ‘mute notifications’will turn off the pinging, but you can still view the messages at your leisure.

Please Contact the parish office by phone or by E mail to register if you have no done so already..

Please pass on this good news to people who may not have access to this notice.


So far only admins can reply to conversations but in the event of this changing here are a few common sense guidelines:

We promote a thoughtful, friendly, receptive, transparent and civil atmosphere. Everyone participating in the parish is welcome and encouraged to share on matters of interest to the parish as long as those exchanges are respectful and constructively add to the conversation and general sense of parish.

However, the parish does not tolerate anything to the contrary…this is a valuable resource to be used respectfully and considerately