Red Wednesday 24th November 2021


This Week of Witness will be held from Nov 22nd to the 26th with online events and exhibitions being held throughout the island of Ireland on the theme of Christian persecution. During this week of Witness you can bear personal witness to God’s Love and Mercy for the persecuted Church by
 Wearing a red tie, scarf or scapular as a mark of the blood lost by Christians in defence of our faith.
 Praying for the suffering and persecuted Church at the hours of the Angelus (noon and 6pm) and during Holy Mass.
 Blessing oneself in public when having a meal, passing a graveyard or Church for all those around the world who cannot bless themselves in public for fear of their safety.
 Donating to ACN – in Our Lady of Victories we will hold a bucket collection on Sunday 21st after all Masses and Wednesday 24th.
In solidarity with persecuted Christians many prominent buildings in Ireland and worldwide will be illuminated in red.