Thanks for Visiting us On – Line


During the Covid – 19 crisis we have been posting daily Gospel readings as well as Daily Spiritual Communion by Fr. Padraig for us all to listen to.

We also have a Whatsapp Group where you can also receive the latest Parish News and Daily Gospel Recording / Spiritual Communion directly to your smart device. Contact us at the parish Office to receive these services free of charge. Parish Bereavements are also notified where possible Contact us:

While the majority of our visitors are local, we also warmly receive visitors from all around the world. All such data collected is anonymised by Google, we just receive totals. But from wherever and however you visit us, and for how long or short you stay, you are most welcome.

So we would like your help….whether you are a new, returning, occasional or non returning visitor, your insight into how we could improve this voluntary service would be greatly appreciated…just contact the parish office via the following link: Contact us: